About Me


I work in the communication industry  and I am  interested  in the use of Multimedia and social media in relation to development issues.

This blog is all about sharing my experiences - my work, hobbies, travels, joys and challenges and interesting people I meet in the course of duty...

My work interests include writing articles, photography, filming and editing .

Why NO LIMITS? Simple reason - Limits are limiting!

My hobbies include :  reading, photography, swimming, travelling and dancing! Blogging may soon be added to the list depending on how long  I can keep it up!

Something to think about: Our lives are like books and each day presents a blank page. How the page reads at dusk depends on our response to the days events and thus the title of our books! You have the power to make your book a horror novel or an inspirational ... book.

Wishing you the best as you Write on!