Saturday, August 21, 2010

Limits are Limiting !

It's almost two months after the Web 2.O training @ ICRAF. An experience that influenced me to revive my blog. Thank to Giacomo and Nick!

So besides visiting the source of the Nile what have I been doing blogwise? I had set myself a target one blog article per week. Every day for the past few weeks, I consciously tried to see what I could blog about....and joted down the ideas on my notebook...but I never quite got down to posting....reason- Identity crisis!

Seriously...I was trying to find my way in the blogging world...And the only way I could do this was by reading others blogs...and I am glad I did! I stumbled upon some cool stuff and I will atleat 3 with you once we get this blog identity stuff cleared up...

I just couldn't decide what to feature and what to leave out. Should I separate my personal life from my social or professional life ? What should my limit be?

Is there a boundary between our professional, social and personal lives? We all wear different hats at all times.I am my daughter, grand child, sister, auntie friend and a journalist. All me.All the time. I dont stop being an auntie or friend while at work neither do I stop being a journalist when away from work.There is no boundary and so there is no limit. Every time I try to set a limit- I feel "limited".  Limits are limiting ! So, I will keep this as it is - a No Limits blog with unlimited content on my work as well as my social experiences....But not to worry, I will tag and categorise the posts to help you find content that is relevant to you.

I am not an expert, but I like to learn and improve my skills and so it catches my attention, I will read it, if I like it I will share it. That's it!

Steal reading? Cool .. Well here are three cool things I stumbled upon in the past three weeks

Digsby, Wordle and BloggerTip

If you are worried about spending too much time managing your different accounts,. Digsby is the way to go. It’s a great way to sync your updates on Twitter, Linked in yahoomail, gmail and other social networks. Is there a better application, out there? We want to learn about it. Once again thanks for the tips Grace!

With Digsby I got Xonbi by default! Xonbi ,is useful in tracking conversations and contacts...within one's networks. It also has some interesting stats on your email habits. Like, I learnt that on average, I respond to my emails within 43miuntes!

I stumbled upon this app on Linked in ..Wordle is all about word clouds, you can get creative with it or use to analyse research results, branded product or make your presentations interesting.( I used this to analyze our organizations intranet survey results and within 30 second I could tell what the key issues were! Plus my boss liked it!

Well, this is not an application, but a Twitter user. I stumbled upon a tweet by @BloggerTip on “How to Blog: Ten Great Blog Tips from our readers” a promotion by Problogger...and it proved to be a gold mine! I watched all the videos posted by ordinary users and got some simple tips that can help make blogging more interesting. What I liked about the videos was that none of the presenters claimed to be experts – just ordinary folk who enjoy blogging but gave advice that would cost you if you went to the “experts”! I have book marked all this on Delicious (The second social media site I use , most, the first being Twitter )

I have selected 3 of my favourite videos on how to blog . This is purely based on my interest and their usefulness to me at this stage of my blogging life. I hope you enjoy them…...


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