Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My experience @ the source of the Nile....

As promised in the last blog, here are some amazing photos of the source of the Nile river taken in Jinja Uganda during the filming of Landcare docucmentray .

In simple terms ,the word Landcare is derived from two words - Land and Care and so means taking care of  the Landscapes in sustainable well as caring for each other.

The evolution of Landcare began in Australia in 1986 when landholder groups initiated community-based activities to protect and regenerate the country’s land resources. Since then, various government programs have been developed and implemented to support local actions.

This innovation is of interest to many other countries address environmental challenges on sustainable land use. It has been long expanded from Australia to New Zealand and the Philippines, and continues to spread out in countries such as the United States, South Africa and Uganda and Tanzania among others. In changing landscapes and lifescapes, Landcare has become an important key driver in promoting sustainable management of environment and natural resources.

You can read more on Landcare here, for now I will let the pictures do the most of talking....and hope you enjoy I work on a multimedia presentation on "A day with Olive and Joseph." (Two impressive Landcare farmers)


You are welcome to take a glimpse of my Nile experience....
As far as our eyes could see it was all water...

Enjoying the scenery as we take the boat ride to the source....

Time to get out the boat ...

Not too many fishermen in this area. Most are small scale fisherman using canoes

This tiny little Island is about 10 metre's away from the source

Yep! Right about where you see the wave is a hole that pumps over 18,000 litres of water per day and claimed to be the source of the Nile....

Here is the view from a short distance away

Yours truly capturing the moment

And here we are...indescribable!
Dan Imani, part of the camera crew @ work
For bird lovers,this site also has an amazing bird watching site

As we head back to shore, its all quite as we take in the beauty of the Nile river.

Bye bye people ...more photos on Sipi falls coming up soon...thanks for sharing my experiemce..!


  1. Excellent photos! I will be visiting the blog from time to time so keep writing!

  2. very nice photos!

  3. Thanks Beatrice.Used my phone...