Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feature on Tanzania Landcare

After a week of the Web 2.0 training, its off to Kapchorua, the highest point of Mt. Elgon at the boarder of Uganda and Kenya for the production of a documentary on Landcare in East Africa. Filming of  Landcare in Tanzania was done in June and Kenya Television Network( KTN ) did the above feature on the project. (Sorry its in Swahili)

Yesterday we interviewed the chairman of the District Council who is an elected leader of Kapchorua and today will visit two projects -  one on Kitchen gardens and the second a reflective cycle meeting by the community. A reflective cycle meeting is a household level meeting where the community meets and discusses implementation of projects , challenges and success stories based on what was recommended from a Farmers group meeting.

On Saturday we get to spend the day with a farmer ( Olive ) who is part of the Landcare project and will
also film a farmers meeting that Olive will be attending.

The Landcare innovative platform is unique as it shows how communities can work together with the local authorities in preventing environmental degradation as well as coming  up with bylaws that promote Sustainable Land Management.

Landcare in Uganda s run by the African Highland Initiative (AHI) which is part of World Agroforestry Centre ( ICRAF ) East African region programme.

You are welcome to send  questions or suggestions on what you would like to see featured in the documentary.

Look out photos on the trip to Kapchorua. We got some good establishment shots at the source of the river Nile. You don't want to miss that !


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  2. Let me check it out....Thanks for always being so resourceful Grace!